Fri 12 Jan, 2018

How Squirrel helped Peter achieve his investment goals

Being a self-employed “creative’, I’m challenged by the ever increasing paperwork, red tape and admin required to run my business. The more time spent doing this necessary evil, is time taken from my core activity and doing what I really love.

When my previous managed super fund appointed a ‘celebrity/sportsperson’ to be its representative, I thought to myself ‘their fee must be paid for by me somewhere along the way, and no doubt is reducing my returns.’

Annoyed by this, I looked into setting up my own self-managed super fund, plus I’d be able to take total control over my own money and reduce excessive management fees paid by me, regardless of performance or ‘celebrity endorsements.’

The first organisation I contacted wanted me to disclose my full financial position, both business and personal, somethings I won’t even tell my mum, so I kept looking. I heard of Squirrel Super and liked what I read online and heard during our first phone call, a follow-up meeting confirmed they were the ones to assist setup and manage my SMSF.

Squirrel Super’s no-fuss attitude and fixed fees suited my objectives, so we set it up, transferred the balance from, and closed my old fund. Now I’m just about to transfer ownership of the strata office suite I work out of, from my personal name to the SMSF and feel at last I’m in control of my hard-earned ‘super dollars,’ and have confidence that my financial future is in my hands, not some unknown, overpaid funds manager.


– Peter, 52, NSW